COVID : Horror Movie Fans Cope Better During Pandemic, Study Shows

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A new study has found that Horror movie lovers are able to cope better during the coronavirus pandemic than those who do not watch horror films.

The study, conducted by the Research Program for Media, Communication, and Society and the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University, Denmark, claims that people who enjoy scary movies have a greater resilience to “psychological distress”.

“Individuals who have spent more time simulating frightening or dystopian experiences in the past may experience less psychological distress during the pandemic.”

“Experiencing negative emotions in a safe setting, such as during a horror film, might help individuals hone strategies for dealing with fear and more calmly deal with fear-eliciting situations in real life.”

The report also suggests those who watch “prepper” type horror movies in which the main characters are forced into situations such as a zombie apocalypse are likely to be more prepared for the covid-19 lockdown.

“Take, for example, a film about a pandemic. A pandemic film gives viewers low-cost access to important information that is difficult or dangerous to come across in the real world. For example, how do other people act in the face of a pandemic?”

“Should a pandemic ever occur, this information could be quite valuable.”

The researchers have warned those who dislike horror films but are thinking of building up a tolerance to the genre, “If someone hates horror movies, it may simply make it worse.”